Choosing a DJ

Unless you have seen a DJ at a function who has impressed you, choosing a DJ for your Wedding or event can be difficult. It’s not always the “best price” that does the job properly.Being an intangible product, it’s not like hiring a florist, cake maker, hall decorator or photographer. You can view the quality of their work in advance, and it will either be what you want or you can continue to look at other services.

Choosing a DJ

Always look for experience in a DJ how many events has that DJ done not how long a DJ company has been in business, most large DJ companies hire young and inexperienced .

Choosing a DJ make sure you ask how many events, or how long have they been DJing.

Kendall Everett 8/11/16

A DJ needs to be experienced to ensure the success of your event. Asking the DJ when you interview them how many events they have been hired on would help give an idea of what to expect. Finding reviews online would also help in getting an idea of what to expect.

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Great company; professional and fun! All the extras were definitely worth it!

- Charlie & Tiffany

I Would recommend DCS Music Services to everyone!! They make it easy , and the service was exceptionally pleasant and the music selection was awesome! Had lots of compliments about the music all night. They set up early and wasn't in the way of anyone, and we were surprised that we got to meet and talk to the DJ that was scheduled for our wedding weeks before our Wedding, That's professionalism!      

- Ashley & Scott
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