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DJ Tip #1

What does music played from a computer,a burned CD or an MP3 player have in common when it comes to playing music at your event? They all need an AVLA(Connect) music copyright license to use them legally in any venue available for rent to the public.

Your DJ either carries an AVLA(Connect) license or uses AVLA(Connect) licensed CD’s / Hard Drive systems that gives them legal permission to play music for you. Without this license in place, playing music from any of the above sources is illegal and subject to copyright prosecution. To find out more, visit www.avla.ca

emily bennette 4/15/16

Finding a good DJ for an event seems like it would be very difficult. I like what you said about making sure that you DJ has a hard copy of their mix for the event. That way you will still have some music for your event in case something happens to their equipment.

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I Would recommend DCS Music Services to everyone!! They make it easy , and the service was exceptionally pleasant and the music selection was awesome! Had lots of compliments about the music all night. They set up early and wasn't in the way of anyone, and we were surprised that we got to meet and talk to the DJ that was scheduled for our wedding weeks before our Wedding, That's professionalism!      

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